About us - a little background

This isn't the place to bore you with detailed biographies, so here is just a little bit of relevant context:

We are based in Carmarthenshire, Wales. After downscaling some years ago, these days the software operation is run part-time on a very small scale and is no longer a profit making business. However, our primary software product, Deeproot Plant Base, continues to be actively developed and supported on a best effort basis. There is no external funding so overhead costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

The specialisation in plant software and photography evolved from our garden design & build practice that operated from the early 1990's. Prior to that we worked in mainstream IT for many years.

The original Plant Base was created for our own use as a productivity tool in the preparation of planting proposals, ordering lists and client documentation. It later developed into a long-term project and was adapted to make it suitable for general distribution. The first public release was in 2002.

Our passion for plants and gardens is an aspect of a long-held respect for the natural world. Plant life is fundamental to the biosphere and our gardens frequently offer the most accessible link to nature. We wish to promote the knowledge and use of plants.


Please note:- we have no connection whatsoever with DeepRoot Infrastructure from the USA, DeepRoot Urban Solutions Ltd, Deeproot Tech of Texas USA, Deep Root Design of Oregon USA, Deeproots Design of Singapore/India, DeepRoot Linux in India, Deeproot Australia Digital Marketing, Deeproot Homes Canada or DeepRoot Consulting of London/Yemen. Similarity of names is purely coincidental. We operated in the UK from 1993 as Deeproot Gardening and Deeproot IT Services.