Plant Base for Android

On-board database application for Android phones and tablets.

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For smartphones and tablets we offer Plant Base for Android - using exactly the same database as the Windows, Mac and Linux desktop editions. Now free for all users - please see download and installation guide.

Designed for usability on mobile devices, this edition looks and works differently from the desktop programs. It is simpler, smaller and doesn't have all the features, but the main functions are the same - search and view plants, add or amend records and pictures and manage user-created plant lists. Fully "on-device" app - no internet connection is needed for normal use.

The database files are the same for all editions and can be copied between any system type without needing conversion.

Certain features that are present in the desktop programs have been omitted or simplified to keep the Android app reasonably lightweight and quick to use.

Things not included in the current mobile version:

  • Picture Library 3, which links to external image files, is not used. We feel this is less useful on mobile devices, but may add it at a future version. If the file for this part of the database exists then it will be recognised by the app but no data accessed (for consistency with desktop files).
  • Maintenance functions such as record extract and import are not included. We are not intending to provide these complex and heavyweight operations within the main app. However, a separate Data Support app offers three important functions - database download, data import and compact.
  • Printing, report creation and slide-show functions are not included. It is unlikely they will be part of the mobile app.

However, there are extra features relevant to mobile devices that are not found in the desktop editions:

  • Plant List records can record location information from the device's GPS. This is controlled by a simple button which enables the GPS. Accuracy depends on the capability of the device. Location coordinates are recorded to 6 decimal places.
  • Plant Pictures can be captured and recorded directly from the built-in camera of the device.
  • The Picture record edit/add function includes a crop facility, rotate and image resize. These are often needed when using the in-device camera capture.

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Requirements and Device Compatibility

IMPORTANT -- Installation Instructions

This Android application replaces a much older Mobile edition of Plant Base for MS Windows Mobile 5 and 6. Very few of these PPC/PDA devices are still in use and it is no longer actively supported.


All our work with Android uses the Basic4Android (aka B4A) development system from Anywhere Software. This is the same company that created Basic4PPC - as used by us some years ago to write the Windows Mobile edition of Plant Base.

Developers can find more information on their website - www.b4x.comBasic4android mobile development

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Basic4android is a product of Erel Uziel, Anywhere Software
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation