Self-registration for this Blog has been disabled.

This is due to the HUGE number of attempted registrations by spammer users. I no longer have the time to administer the approval system for new registrations.

If you would like to register as a user so that you can comment on posts, please use the website Contact form to email me the following details:

  • User name for the Blog login
  • Your actual name
  • Your email address (can be different from the one used to contact me, but must valid and reachable)
  • A brief note about why you are interested in our products or my Blog. If you are a registered user of our software products, please include your registered name if different from above.

I will be happy to manually register genuine users. There may be some delay – please be patient!

All emails addressed to us pass through spam filters. Any requests reaching me that still appear dubious will simply be discarded.

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