The Android edition of Plant Base is now free for all users who already have a licence for the other editions. The APK for the app can be downloaded from the website after entering the licence code as validation. The app is then “sideloaded” onto the phone or tablet (instructions for the sideload install are on the web page).

Only the standard licence code can be used for the download page form. The special free “Linux only” code will not work, but Linux users are welcome to email me to get their free APK file.

For the time being the Android edition also remains available to anyone for a small cost from Google Play. However, the Play store will most likely mark the app as being unsuitable for installation on the latest Android versions. This is due to Google’s policy concerning updates to its software revisions, which is causing a problem. It is possible that “sideload” installs of the app will work even on newer versions, but we have not had the opportunity to test beyond Android 11.

There has been no recent update for the Plant Base app but the last version continues to be in routine frequent use on my own Motorola phone, has had no run-time issues and works perfectly with the latest release of the database files.

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